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2. How to choose a recliner chair for gaming? What’s the important point?

How to choose a recliner chair for gaming?

I believe many people don’t know that! they only judge good or bad by price! So how do we use the structure and material of the gaming chair to choose a cost-effective gaming chair?

Points to note when choosing a gaming chair:

No.1 Look at the wheels and support five-claws of the gaming chair

At present, there are basically three types of five-claw materials for the chair: steel, nylon, and aluminum alloy. In terms of cost, aluminum alloy>nylon>steel.

recliner chair for gaming

However, each brand uses different materials, and it cannot be said arbitrarily that aluminum alloy materials are better than steel.

When purchasing, it depends on whether the wall material of the five-jaw tube is solid. The five-claw materials of gaming chairs are much wider and stronger than ordinary computer chairs. The weight of the five-claws of brand gaming chairs can basically reach more than one ton, which can meet the needs of all users. If it is too thin or the five-jaw material is insufficient, there is basically no problem with the static load bearing, but the instantaneous load bearing is poor, and the durability will also deteriorate.

No.2 The padding material in the leather of the gaming chair

Many people will say, why should I buy a gaming chair? Gaming chair cushions are so hard, not as comfortable as sofas.

In fact, because the sofa is too soft, and sitting on it, the support of the person’s center of gravity is not stable. Users often move their bodies intentionally or unintentionally to find a new balance and stability of the body. Therefore, sitting on the sofa for a long time will make people feel Back pain, fatigue, fatigue, damage to buttocks nerves.

Our recliner chair for gaming generally use a whole piece of stereotyped sponge, which is suitable for long-term sitting.

recliner chair for gaming

There are basically two ways to classify sponges, native sponges and regenerated sponges; stereotypes sponges and ordinary sponges.

Recycled sponge: Recycled sponge is the recycling and reuse of industrial scraps. It has peculiar smell, may contain harmful substances and endangers health. Poor sitting feeling, easy to deform and collapse. Generally, the cheap chairs on the market use recycled sponges.

Original sponge: a whole piece of sponge, environmentally friendly and hygienic, soft and comfortable, good sitting feeling.

Stereotype sponge: Generally, ordinary computer chairs rarely use stereotyped sponge, and only some brand gaming chairs use it. The cost of stereotyped sponge is higher. It needs to open the mold and form one piece. Compared with the non-shaped sponge, the density and resilience are greatly improved, and it is more durable. Generally, a chair with a higher density has better resilience and a more comfortable sitting feeling. The density of the sponge of ordinary gaming chairs is 30kg/m3, and the most of brand gaming chairs is often above 45kg/m3

When choosing a recliner chair for gaming, it is recommended to choose a high-density native shaped sponge.

3. The overall skeleton of the reclining gaming chair

A good recliner chair for gaming generally adopts an integrated steel frame process, which can comprehensively improve the life and load-bearing performance of the chair.

At the same time, it will also do piano paint maintenance for the skeleton to prevent rust from affecting its life. If you are shopping online, you must pay attention to whether the manufacturer dares to put the skeleton structure on the product page. If you dare not even display the internal skeleton structure, you can basically give up the purchase.

he market: engineered wood panels, rubber strips, and steel frames. Everyone knows that the engineered wood board is secondary synthesis, has poor load-bearing capacity, and contains harmful substances. Some cheap gaming chairs basically use this.

have some rebound, and it will feel softer when you sit on a chair. However, many of these rubber strips cannot provide reinforcement, and are easily deformed after long-term use, which greatly affects the service life.

The higher the cost is that the entire cushion is reinforced with steel bars, the force is more balanced, and the load-bearing capacity of the cushion is greatly improved.

4. About the backrest of recliner chair for gaming

Different from ordinary chairs, recliner chair for gaming generally have a high back, which can share the gravity from the lower part of the spine; the ergonomic curve design of the back can make the body contour fit naturally. Properly distribute the weight of the back and the back of the thighs to the seat and back of the chair to minimize the uncomfortable feeling of pressure points.

Generally, the backrests of gaming chairs currently on the market are all pu materials. The advantage of this material is that it feels comfortable and looks high-end.

The disadvantage is that it is not breathable, and pu is easily hydrolyzed when exposed to water, causing the PU skin to crack

In order to make up for this shortcoming, many gaming chairs will make some upgrades in the materials used, covering the protective film outside the pu, which is the hydrolysis-resistant pu.

Or use pvc composite half pu, pvc upper layer is covered with pu, no water seepage, use for a long time, at the same time pu covered, softer and more comfortable than ordinary pvc. The current market has three levels of 1, 2 and 3 years, and brand gaming chairs generally use level 3.

If you want to choose a recliner chair for gaming made of pu, you must choose a hydrolysis-resistant fabric.

However, even the best pu fabric is not as good as mesh in terms of air permeability, Compared with ordinary mesh pc chairs, it is also more stretch-resistant and soft. The weaving process is more detailed, and it is also equipped with flame-retardant materials and so on.

After reading this article, you must know how to choose a gaming chair that suits you! You can take a look at our recliner chair for gaming! It will not let you down!

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