Professional Lazy Anti-myopia Computer Chair Home Office Chair Ergonomic Correction Chair Rocking Wood Kneel Chair

Professional Lazy Anti-myopia Computer Chair Home Office Chair Ergonomic Correction Chair Rocking Wood Kneel Chair


Rocking Wood Kneel Stool Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with Thick Cushion for Improving Posture Relieve Knee Pressure

Product Description
Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs
Ergonomic/Supportive/Comfortable/Posture Correction
kneeling chairs feature an ergonomic design to encourage you to maintain a healthy and good sitting posture. By supporting both your knees and thighs, your body weight can be dispersed evenly to reduce the pressure weigh on your lumbar spine. Thus, improve your back pain and neck pain and take the stress off the spine. All the supportive foams are 3.54in thick to add more comfort. Please note, slowly add time using the chair to get used to the new sitting way.

Posture Correction: It’s time to deal with your back pain, neck pain, or lumbar spine problem due to the wrong sitting posture on the traditional office chair. This Ergonomically designed rocking kneeling chair can help you set up an upright posture and free your spine from pressure, therefore relieving your upper body aches and changing your sitting habits.
Relieve Stress: This orthopedic kneeling chair can prompt you to stay in the most healthy and proper sitting position. Even sitting for a long time won’t make you feel unease. Note: You may feel strange initially; please gradually add time sitting on the chair to get used to it. Trust me; you’ll love it!
Firm Structure-This wood kneeling chair is carefully designed with a bent angle to form a rocking motion like a tumbler. The crossbars can help set the chair with a firm structure, stable and secure. Features 20 layers of beech wood piled up to make the chair frame; this kneeling chair can hold 200 lbs. All the cushions are nine cm/3.54 thick, with sponge fitting, comfortable and breathable.
Wide Application-This kneeling chair can replace the traditional chair in your everyday life, like a desk chair for work, meditation, entertainment, etc. You can have it in the living room, study room, or guest room. Everyone who comes to your home will be drawn to it. Excellent and healthy sitting habits will be the benefit this kneeling chair can get to you.
Perfect Service Package comes with all the components and setting tools. A detailed installation manual is included as well. Any problem regarding this kneeling chair can contact us for help. We’ll reply to your message within 24 hours. Having this kneeling chair is to embrace a healthy sitting way.

A Healthy Way of Sitting by Kneeling Chairs
Improve Posture
Relieve Back Pain/Neck Pain
Engage Core
Stay Active
Increase Working Efficiency

Product Specifications
Material: 20 layers of beech wood
Hardware: Uniform high-quality metal screws and setting tool
Cushion: Two knee pads and one sitting foam are fitted with sponge foam, which is thick and comfortable
Knee Pad Size: 10.2 in x 5.9 in x 3.54 in (L x W x H)
Seat Cushion Size: 15.7 in x 11.8 in x 3.54 in (L x W x H)
Kneeling Chair Height: 21.85 in, makes it suitable for most people and the majority of desks.
Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

Package includes
1 x Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
1 x Instructional Manual
1 x Screw Kit




Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm

Leather, Cloth Gray


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