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3. What is the big difference between a gaming chair and an ergonomic chair?

What is a gaming chair? What is an ergonomic chair?

Many people always compare gaming chairs with ergonomic chairs, But the structural principles of the two are the same, so it is difficult to choose!

In office or game activities, most people’s minds are spent on computer configuration and desktops. Chairs are often the neglected part. However, with prolonged sitting and maintaining a posture for a long time, Poor posture can cause various discomforts, and even cervical and low back diseases!

Correct sitting posture
(The image is only a reference)

In fact, a good chair is really useful. Whether you are at work or at home, as long as you are active in front of the computer for a long time, you should have a comfortable chair that suits you.

Many of your postures that you think are convenient and comfortable are slowly ruining your body, so ah, pay attention to it.

This article will introduce the following aspects. I hope that this article can help friends who are preparing to buy a chair!

1. Gaming chair and Ergonomic chair

Let’s take a look at the definition of these two first:

gaming chair

Gaming chair: The full name of the e-sports seat is an ergonomically designed seat used by e-sports players participating in competitions. It is convenient for the user’s operation and experience. Because some games require the user to put in a high degree of energy and maintain a sitting posture for a long time, the gaming chair can ensure the user’s comfort.

 Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chair: It is a chair that adopts ergonomic design and uses as much as possible to fit the natural shape of the human body. It can reduce the compression area of the buttocks, press the acupuncture points, promote blood circulation in the buttocks, and avoid strain on the neck, shoulders and waist.

So it is not difficult to know that the goals of the two are the same, that is, to provide users with a good sitting environment and not feel tired after sitting for a long time.

In terms of choice, if you are a game hobby player, prefer a competitive style, and occasionally may also run an office, then the gaming chair is good and cheap.

But if you are an office worker and spend more time at work than leisure, then it is more appropriate to choose an ergonomic chair. This is totally different from person to person.

But here comes the point. Why do I recommend gaming chairs today? The biggest attraction is the price/performance ratio.

Now that we know that there is not much difference in function between gaming chairs and ergonomic chairs, but the price difference of ergonomic chairs is too much, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands, and the gap between materials and functions is also complicated. There is a lot of homework to do, and today’s full text is focused on cost performance, so gaming chairs are really suitable for our ordinary people.

2. Reasons why gaming chairs are worth buying

Since you have chosen a gaming chair after measuring your work and game time allocation, in addition to the high cost-effectiveness I mentioned earlier, what reason is worth to buy a gaming chair?

Easy to store
Not only is it at the Internet bar in the stadium or at home, the gaming chair has little effect on the space, and with the blessing of the pulley, the weight is not a problem, and it saves more space after being stacked.

Sitting for a long time without getting tired is the biggest demand for game players. Often a game takes a long time and the upper body of the player almost always remains rigid. The gaming chair can relieve muscle stiffness by adjusting and dragging the lower back and cervical spine. The same is true for home use, because all parts can be adjusted, which can prevent the shoulders and wrists from being fatigued for a long time and hunched back due to long-term sitting posture.

Material upgrade
In order to give users a better experience, not only is the internal frame structure optimized, but the entire frame part will be thickened where visible to the naked eye. In order to improve the comfort level, the gaming chair uses a high straight backrest. , It solves the problem that the head and neck cannot lean on to rest due to long-term use of the computer.

This is also the biggest difference between it and the ergonomic chair in appearance. The design and color matching of the gaming chair are often fashionable and bold, and the decoration is simply top-notch. This is also one of the reasons why many young people prefer the gaming chair. It can be said that the gaming chair has realized a transformation from the practicality of the computer chair to the aesthetics. After all, who chooses things now does not care about the appearance?

Well, the above are some of my insights. You should already know that you will need an gaming chair!

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