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4. Do you know how important the correct sitting posture is? Good shape is also!

Bad sitting posture can cause a lot of problems, but now I don’t want to talk about all the problems. I’m worried that it will cause more anxiety for everyone, so I just talk about how to change it. Today’s article explains how to maintain a correct sitting posture: 1. The left is the wrong […]

3. What is the big difference between a gaming chair and an ergonomic chair?

What is a gaming chair? What is an ergonomic chair? Many people always compare gaming chairs with ergonomic chairs, But the structural principles of the two are the same, so it is difficult to choose! In office or game activities, most people’s minds are spent on computer configuration and desktops. Chairs are often the neglected […]

2. How to choose a recliner chair for gaming? What’s the important point?

How to choose a recliner chair for gaming? I believe many people don’t know that! they only judge good or bad by price! So how do we use the structure and material of the gaming chair to choose a cost-effective gaming chair? Points to note when choosing a gaming chair: No.1 Look at the wheels […]

1. Will a reclining gaming chair ruin floor?​

Will office chair or reclining gaming chair scratch wood floor?The gaming chair wheels for long-term use will damaged the wood floor. Let the roller gaming chair does not damage the wooden flooring practices are as follows. 1, put a carpet under the gaming chair to avoid scratching.2, use pu wheels, but keep the floor clean […]