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Will office chair or reclining gaming chair scratch wood floor?
The gaming chair wheels for long-term use will damaged the wood floor.

Let the roller gaming chair does not damage the wooden flooring practices are as follows.

1, put a carpet under the gaming chair to avoid scratching.
2, use pu wheels, but keep the floor clean and sanitary. If there are some large dust particles, moving will scratch the floor.

PU infused wheel features: elasticity can achieve a certain shock absorption effect (even better than the inflatable wheel), good grip, not easy to slip, more wear-resistant, good comfort.
Our reclining gaming chair use PU infused wheel, it can effectively reduce the possibility of damaging the floor!

reclining gaming chair

Extended information.

Reclining gaming chair maintenance methods are as follows.

1, clean with water and detergent, avoid scrubbing with gasoline.
2, please do not dry cleaning, it is recommended to clean with water, the water temperature should not exceed 40 °.
3, please do not put the gaming chair in a high temperature and strong light.
4, Do not put the gaming chair and some organic solvents together.
5, PU leather can not be maintained like ordinary leather, please do not use commercially available care agents to spray the surface of the gaming chair. You can use a damp cloth to wipe gently.