Portable Recliner Chair with Armrest Folding Floor Chair Back Support Bed Backrest Adjustable for Elderly Care for Indoor Outdoor Travel Camping

Portable Recliner Chair with Armrest Folding Floor Chair Back Support Bed Backrest Adjustable for Elderly Care for Indoor Outdoor Travel Camping


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Recliner Chair

Our recliner chair can be placed at bed, floor, beach to provide a back support and alleviate the tiredness of waist, back and neck.

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This is a minimalist modern recliner chair, It is protable and sleek. And It can Hold up body weight up to 660 lbs, provide sturdy support for neck, head and lumbar.

Besides, Backrest elevates your head and helps you sit up in bed, ideal for bedbound patients, people on bedrest after surgery, and those who enjoy relaxing in bed.


Adjustable Recliner Chair

5 angle adjustment design to meet your different scene needs. It‘s a adjustable recliner chair for elderly, Whether it is in the bed or indoor it can meet the comfort elderly need.

 It’s a best outdoor adjustable recliner chair, Whether it is on the beach, whether it is hiking, or camping, young people who own it will be able to enjoy more comfort.

Recliner Chair With Pillow

A comfortable pillow can relax your cervical spine.
It’s a best neck pillow for chair。
when you sleeping in chair, Will not feel uncomfortable after waking up.

The height of the pillow can be adjusted up and down. When lying down, it can be used as a head pillow, and when sitting down, it can be used as a waist pillow.


Comfortable Recliner Chair

High-quality Oxford cloth material, breathable and cooler. No sultry and no sweating!

If your sofa still cannot meet your comfort needs. Then this modern recliner will supplement that part of the missing comfort needs for you. To be honest, it is really a rare good product! It can bring you the most comfortable.

Portable Recliner Chair

It’s a best folding recliner chair, compact and convenient, You can use this portable folding recliner chair in any place indoors or outdoors, bedroom, living room, terrace, garden, grass, beach,

of course, it can also be used as a travel recliner, if you have travel plans, I believe it can provide You bring convenience beyond expectations.

What is the best recliner chair?

The non-slip gear slot can better fix the tilt angle you choose.

Adjustable elastic rope pillow, you can adjust the height of the pillow arbitrarily.


The square thickened steel pipe is durable and has strong bearing capacity.


Reinforced base design is more durable and stable.

Non-slip foot pad design, no noise, will not cause the recliner to slide during use.


It is undeniable that this is really a very practical recliner.
It weighs only close to 5.5 pounds, but with an excellent design, it can hold up to 600 pounds.

Whether indoors or outdoors, Whether sitting or lying down
He can comfortably meet your needs.

For the elderly, it is a necessary and economical recliner. For young people, since it can satisfy the leisure of daily life, it can also satisfy the comfort of work and games.
Of course, it is also suitable for taking care of patients with mobility impairments and lying in bed.

The most important thing is that compared to other recliners, it is more suitable for all scenarios, more portable and more practical! If you have realized how powerful it is!




We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

The correct sitting posture is very necessary. The recliners chair is actually a multifunctional chair. Everyone’s height and weight are different, and the body’s center of gravity is also different.

So, to be correct, you need a chair that suits your physical condition. It can give you body support that suits your physical condition and make you more comfortable.

A good recliner can only adjust the best support angle suitable for your physical condition to the greatest extent, making you more comfortable.

It is unhealthy to maintain a fixed posture for a long time. Life lies in exercise. Every two hours, stand up and move, stretch your body, relax the tight muscles, and also help blood circulation.

You can see the size of this recliner on the current webpage. It weighs only 5.51 pounds. You can use it anywhere indoors and outdoors.

Of course, you can also take it with you when traveling by car, because it can be used on the grass or on the beach. Believe me, it will definitely bring you more comfort and convenience than expected.

It hold up body weight up to 660 lbs.

It can be used on the bed to provide physical support for the inconvenient elderly and patients. The armrest of the recliner chair can help them stand up!

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Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 84 × 40 × 15 cm

Black, Black with Stripe, ArmyGreen


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